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Saskatoon Transit Student Art Contest is back!

Saskatoon Transit is once again pleased to collaborate with local students to celebrate art as it reflects Active Transportation and all modes that exist in Saskatoon — public transit, cycling, walking, car sharing, taxis, carpooling, Uber, etc.— and how they can all work together (integrated mobility).

All students from grades 3 and 7 are eligible to submit their art as a class or individually. Students from these grades were chosen by the school boards to participate in the contest because they both discuss public transportation as part of their curriculum.

Two winners will be chosen, one from each grade to have their art displayed on the side of Saskatoon Transit buses traveling across the city throughout the summer. 

Saskatoon Transit’s Student Art Contest closes Friday, May 27, 2022. Eligible students can submit artwork representing Active Transportation and integrated mobility to their teachers by the end of the school day. Teachers must email Saskatoon Transit ( by 5:00 p.m to notify for a pick-up. 

Art Guidelines:
  • Art can be submitted individually or collaboratively as a group or class.
  • Size should be between 139”x30” and 51”x11” (six 8.5” x 11 sheets taped together side- by-side). We can work with any horizontal dimension but it may be slightly edited.
  • Can incorporate pencil crayons, crayons, markers, paint etc. but should not be 3D (nothing glued on).
  • May include text, diagrams or pictures but may not use any offensive images, language or commercial slogans.
  • Can and should incorporate colour.
  • On the back include: name, grade, school, title of piece.
  • Artwork will not be returned.
  • Copyright of the artwork will remain with the artist. Saskatoon Transit and the City of Saskatoon retain the right to use images for promotional purposes.
  • All art work must be completed and submitted to teacher by 3:30 p.m. May 27, 2022.
  • Teachers must email by May 27 to let us know a pick up is required. Art will be picked up from each school’s main office on May 30.
  • Winners will be chosen for how well the art fits the theme and “best captures the spirit of active transportation.”

Watch for the winners and art to be revealed at the end of June!