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An update on the responses Saskatoon Transit has put in place in response to the COVID 19 Pandemic

Operator and Passenger Safety Measures 

  • All hard surfaces and the operator compartments of our buses are cleaned with a hospital-grade disinfectant every night 

  • Buses are also misted with disinfectant for the soft surfaces such as the seats 

  • Operators are encouraged to wear their driving gloves while operating buses 

  • Following public health guidelines, staff and the public are regularly reminded to not touch their face with unwashed hands, to wash their hands and maintain a safe social distance as ways to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

  • Riders must get on and off the bus from the rear door only. This way physical distance is maintained from operators. Because of this, riders are not required to pay a fare. 

  • Saskatoon Transit is monitoring the loads on all routes to reduce the load to half of the seated capacity. As long as a 2m distance can be maintained, more than 10 passengers are permitted to ride 

  • We are working to shift articulated buses to routes with the highest ridership. 

  • Transit Supervisors are riding buses more frequently to ensure riders are using transit for essential trips only. 

  • Saskatoon Transit is issuing hand sanitizer to buses for operators to use. 

Access Transit 

  • Due to reduced demand, Access Transit is scheduling more direct trips. 

  • To ensure cleanliness, Access Transit is sending out new buses instead of having a new operator pick up a bus already in service. 

Service Levels   

  • Saskatoon Transit maintained regular service until the last day of school, March 19. 

  • We went from 102 buses booked out in the morning to 84 as of Monday March 23. 

  • On Monday March 29 we will reduce to a morning book out of 78 buses which covers most of the city with non-peak hour service based on a modified Saturday schedule. Details