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Council sets BRT for 1st Avenue downtown & Broadway, approves active transportation network but wants more work on design

For immediate release: Tue, 2019-04-30 11:18

Bus Rapid Transit — or BRT — routes will travel down 1st Avenue downtown and Broadway Avenue in Nutana.  City Council made the decision at its regular business meeting Monday, April 29. 

Council opted for BRT dedicated lanes on 1st Avenue downtown and in mixed traffic for Broadway. 

The downtown north-south BRT route would run in dedicated transit lanes constructed in the centre of 1st Avenue with two centre median stations. One station is proposed to be constructed at the intersection of 1st Avenue and 21st Street and the other at the intersection of 1st Avenue and 23rd Street.

On Broadway, the mixed traffic plan is to construct two pairs of BRT stations on either side of Broadway Avenue at 12th Street and at 9th Street.

Under this option, there are no dedicated BRT lanes along Broadway Avenue, but Transit Signal Priority measures would be installed in traffic signals. The proposed BRT would mix with motor vehicle traffic that typically travels along Broadway Avenue, as well as vehicles entering and leaving on-street parking spaces.

BRT construction is not expected to begin until 2023 with a planned completion in 2025 and an estimated cost of $7.3 million for the Downtown and Nutana portions, subject to approval of funding. 

Downtown Active Transportation Network
Council endorsed a Downtown Active Transportation Network but wants more engagement on the design of sidewalk and cycling infrastructure along approved corridors. 

Fourth Avenue bike lanes to be removed 
City Council also approved a motion to remove the temporary bike lane demonstration on Fourth Avenue by the end of June.

The detailed reports and relevant attachments can be found here