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COVID-19: Transit, bridge walkway updates; zoo pass sales suspended

For immediate release: Tue, 2020-03-31 17:44

We are constantly reassessing developments to ensure the safety and well-being of staff and citizens, and how the City delivers public services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Saskatoon Transit updates

As an added level of safety, mid-route bus cleaning has started during the day in the downtown terminal. Passengers will be required to exit the bus while all hard surfaces are wiped down.

Starting Thursday, April 2, Saskatoon Transit will not be entering the University of Saskatchewan campus until further notice. This applies to the transit stop in front of Place Riel. Visit for up-to-date information on off-campus routes, and pickup and drop-off locations around College Drive.

Residents are reminded to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and avoid non-essential travel. To avoid crowded buses, please consider travelling during off-peak times. Always maintain about a two-arms-length or 2-metre distance from other riders.

Senator Sid Buckwold Bridge Walkway Closed; University Bridge Walkways Open to One-way Pedestrian Traffic

In addition to the changes previously announced to the Traffic Bridge walkways and the CP Pedestrian Bridge, the Senator Sid Buckwold Bridge walkway is now closed and the University Bridge walkways are now for one-way pedestrian traffic (one-side westbound and one-side eastbound). This will allow the practice of social/physical distancing of at least 2-metres (six feet) from others.

The City continues to review other bridge walkway and pedestrian overpasses, underpasses and tunnels. Crews will be posting signage on many of the pathways to remind people to respect social/physical distancing.

Zoo Season Pass Sales Temporarily Suspended

All 2020 Season Pass sales are temporarily suspended until further notice. Season Pass rates for 2020 will be re-evaluated once an opening date is determined. Refunds/credits will be available to customers who have already purchased a 2020 Zoo Season Pass. Details on the refund process will be available soon.

Thank you, Saskatoon for doing your part and maintaining physical distance to keep everyone safe.

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