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Ready to Roll: Ottawa Funds 15 New Saskatoon Transit Buses

For immediate release: Tue, 2018-01-23 10:50

Saskatoon Transit has 15 new buses on the road with the help of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF). The new buses are included in the total $24 million contribution towards fleet renewal in Saskatoon.

“The focus of our Fleet Renewal Strategy is to improve rider experience while decreasing operating costs," says Jim McDonald, Director of Saskatoon Transit.  “With this funding, we were able to purchase 26 new 40 foot buses over the last 12 months.”

The new 12 metre (40 foot) buses are fully accessible, have automated passenger counters, contain the latest Intelligent Transportation System technology and are more fuel efficient. 

 “Investing in public transit infrastructure shortens commute times, reduces congestion, protects the environment and helps the community access services and job opportunities,” says the Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency.  “I’m very pleased that these modern, fuel-efficient buses are hitting the streets in Saskatoon, providing residents with better transit service.”

The buses leave a smaller environmental footprint because of improved emissions, but also because they are paint free.  They also come with lower long term operating costs, due to the use of more durable materials.

“Saskatoon residents will enjoy travelling in these new buses while reducing their environmental footprint,” says the Honourable Larry Doke, Minister of Government Relations.  “Investments like this, which is funded under the PTIF program administered by the Government of Saskatchewan, will improve the quality of life for our citizens for years to come.” 

Upgrading the Saskatoon Transit fleet with new buses instead of 10 year old buses saves approximately $40,000 per year, per bus.  With fleet updates over the last five years, Saskatoon Transit has realized a fuel consumption savings of approximately $165,000 per year (based on today’s fuel prices). 

Over the next 10 years, Saskatoon Transit plans to:

  • Ensure every bus is fully accessible (by the end of 2018);
  • Reduce its average bus age from 12 to 7 years, which will reduce maintenance costs and fleet size (i.e. fewer “spares” required);
  • Offer air conditioning and other improved amenities on every bus;

Saskatoon Transit will also be receiving eight smaller 9 metre (30 foot) buses this year funded by PTIF.  Two will be added to Access Transit’s fleet and the remaining will be used for conventional transit.