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Saskatoon Transit celebrates low floor Access Transit buses

For immediate release: Thu, 2021-07-29 15:26

Today, Saskatoon Transit celebrates a milestone on its journey towards providing more accessible options for customers with reduced mobility, providing everyone the freedom and independence to travel safely throughout the city. 


As part of regular transit funding, in part by the Provincial Transit Assistance for People with Disabilities (TAPD) program, Access Transit purchased two low-floor buses. These new buses allow those with reduced mobility the freedom and independence of using a ramp versus a lift or stairs to enter and exit the bus. 


These buses feature a ramp and an innovative INQLINE system to assist operators in boarding passengers safely. The low floor design removes the need to use a lift or stairs to gain access to the bus, creating an improved customer experience.  


“I’m very proud that Access Transit has incorporated low floor buses into the fleet. We are excited to see how these new vehicles will improve accessibility for our passengers,” says Jim McDonald, Director of Saskatoon Transit. 


The addition of these buses allows Saskatoon Transit to bridge the gap between Access Transit and fixed-route transit using a “Family of Services” approach. Access Transit customers now have the option of using a ramp to enter and exit Access Transit buses allowing them to build the confidence to perhaps add the flexibility and spontaneity of fixed-route or On-Demand transit to their transportation options. The City encourages Access Transit customers to use fixed-route services as a supplement to Access Transit when it is convenient for them and when conditions allow.  


“We are continually working to improve our service. We want all of our customers to have safe and convenient transit options,” says Tracey Davis, Access Transit Manager. “Accessible transportation is a building block for a fair, inclusive, and equitable community. Providing as much flexibility in Saskatoon Transit’s fleet of buses improves that accessibility.” 


The Experience Transit Travel Training program is available for those who may be interested in adding fixed-route or On-Demand Transit to their transportation options. Experience Transit began as a pilot in mid-2017. The program is a personalized, 60-minute training to introduce people to transit and teach them how to use fixed-route transit services independently. Training is customized to fit an individual’s lifestyle, travel needs and abilities. The program includes: 

  • Trip planning 

  • Wayfinding and navigation 

  • Fares 

  • Boarding and exiting 

  • Accessible features 

  • Problem solving tips for when unexpected challenges occur 


To see a video of the low-floor bus ramp visit the City of Saskatoon’s YouTube channel