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Saskatoon Transit provides free Transit app upgrade for all riders: Transit Royale

For immediate release: Wed, 2022-06-29 08:10
Saskatoon Transit offers upgraded Transit app experience to all customers

Saskatoon Transit is upgrading all its riders to Transit Royale, the new subscription in the Transit app–Saskatoon Transit’s official app for riders to plan, track, and pay for their trips. Today, Saskatoon Transit joins systems around the world in providing the world-class Royale app experience–at no cost–to all its riders.  

A Royale subscription unlocks additional features, new customization options, and complete access to the app across more than 300 cities supported worldwide. The subscription also provides access to power features such as:  

  • fun customizable themes  
  • ability to switch the app icon  
  • personalized emoji avatars–riders can become ‘celebrities’ on their local bus routes with leaderboards for users competing to help the most riders with GO crowdsourcing  

As the update rolls out beginning June 29, riders in Saskatoon will see a notification informing them that Saskatoon Transit is upgrading them to Transit Royale. From there, users can simply tap to redeem their free subscription.  

Saskatoon Transit began its partnership with Transit app in 2016 as the official app for riders. In June 2021, Saskatoon Transit launched mobile ticketing on the app. Thousands of Saskatoon Transit riders use Transit app every day to plan, track, and pay for their trips. Through Royale, Saskatoon Transit is deepening its partnership with Transit app to provide a top-rated mobility app free of outside advertising.  

Transit is available in the App Store or Google Play, or by visiting  

Images showing the integration, are available at:  

Press kit and visuals:  

As of today, face masks are no longer required to ride on Saskatoon Transit. Riders are welcome to continue wearing masks, if they choose.