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Saskatoon Transit runs every day – no matter the weather

For immediate release: Tue, 2021-01-26 14:33

Saskatoon Transit runs every day, no matter the weather. At temperatures of -20°C and below, buses do not kneel, however the ramp at the front can still be deployed.  

Saskatoon Transit continues its ongoing commitment to the safety of all citizens with the Safe Bus Program. As this period of extreme cold continues, remember that all Transit operators have a direct line to emergency services 

If you need immediate shelter or emergency services, flag down a bus or go to a parked bus and the operator will give you a safe place to wait. There is no fee for using the Safe Bus. 

To safely flag down a bus, stand at a stop or on a sidewalk and hold your hand in the air, palm facing outNever step into a roadway to flag down a bus.  

Saskatoon Transit is there for citizens 365 days a yearStay safe all year long with Safe Bus.