Saskatoon Transit signs contract with Nova Bus for first two battery-electric buses

For immediate release: April 26, 2023 - 1:30 pm

Saskatoon Transit is taking the first step in electrifying its bus fleet by signing a contract for two Nova LFSe+ electric buses. These will be the first two permanent battery-electric buses in Saskatoon Transit’s fleet and the first in Saskatchewan.

The long-range battery-electric bus can travel more than 300 kilometres on a single charge. This will save Saskatoon Transit approximately $44,000 in fuel costs annually per bus and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 60 tonnes per bus annually once in operation.

"Taking transit is already one of the best ways people can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, but through electrification and other actions outlined in the Low Emissions Community Plan, we’re working to further reduce our impact on the climate,” says Terry Schmidt, General Manager of Transportation and Construction.

This is a critical step towards achieving climate targets outlined in the City of Saskatoon’s Low Emissions Community Plan and Climate Action Plan. Some of these targets include emission reductions of 55,000 tonnes CO2e by 2050, increasing transit trips to 5 per cent of total trips by 2030 and 10 per cent by 2050.

This $2.7 million investment in battery-electric buses was approved by City Council in December 2021. We expect delivery of these new buses in 2024.

“We are very excited that Saskatoon Transit will be experiencing the long-range electric version of the safe and reliable Nova Bus buses,” says Ralph Acs, President of Nova Bus. “Electrifying transit bus fleets is the smartest option for transit authorities to reduce GHG emissions, and we’re glad Saskatoon Transit is leading the way in Saskatchewan by acquiring the province’s first all-electric buses.”

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City of Saskatoon Climate Action Plan webpage

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