Saskatoon Transit wins Smart Cities Award for AI-powered strategy

For immediate release: May 8, 2023 - 6:30 am

Saskatoon Transit has received the prestigious 2023 Smart Cities Award for its partnership with Preteckt, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology company, to enhance Transit’s bus maintenance operations. The award recognizes Saskatoon Transit’s innovative use of Preteckt’s AI-powered predictive maintenance with its bus operations.

“We want to provide better reliability with even safer vehicles on the road,” says Tracey Davis, Saskatoon Transit Maintenance Manager. “This technology works with our existing systems at Saskatoon Transit and is a great application of AI to bus maintenance. This technology developed by Preteckt detects issues in buses before they become critical interruptions to service and empowers our technicians to make these repairs earlier than currently possible. We noticed immediate benefits, like reductions in parts and labour costs, which will become part of our regular maintenance practices.”

“Being the first city fleet in Canada to source our technology through a competitive process means a lot to us, and we’re looking forward to working with more fleets and cities in Canada,” says Krish Inbarajan, CEO of Preteckt. Inbarajan congratulated Saskatoon Transit on its leadership in incorporating AI technology into its maintenance operation.

Preteckt’s expansion into transit authorities across North America has been successful, with 10 commercial contracts and several pilots already underway. The company’s AI technology sifts through billions of data points from vehicles to identify or flag potential maintenance issues.

The Saskatoon Transit – Preteckt partnership highlights integration of advanced technology and will be essential to providing reliable, safe, and efficient transportation services.

About Preteckt

Preteckt is a Hamilton-founded, Memphis-based AI company focused on maintenance to increase vehicle availability, improve safety, and reduce costs to support maintenance staff and enable the future of work. The technology was initially developed for trucking but has since expanded to serve other fleets such as transit and school buses. Preteckt supports existing gas and diesel engines and is bringing its technology to electric vehicles in partnership with several fleets. The Preteckt team is passionate to serve the maintainers in the industry. Maintenance, maintainers, and digital workflow is its initial focus area.