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Access Transit

Access Transit is for those who are unable to use the regular transit system with safety and dignity. We are a shared-ride service, travelling on an accessible door to accessible door basis.

Access Transit provides a safe and comfortable trip where we:

  • Assist you from the door to the vehicle
  • Help you board and exit the vehicle
  • Secure you and your mobility device
  • Assist you from the vehicle to the door at your destination

Users of Access Transit must be registered and approved to book trips. To learn more, or to register, please call us.

Access Transit is not a taxi service. We are shared-ride transportation, where booking and scheduling decisions are made to transport as many clients as possible. Access Transit is provided by the City of Saskatoon in partnership with the Province of Saskatchewan.

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How to book your trip

Booking and Scheduling Clerks are available for bookings during the following times:

  • 6:30 am to 10:00 pm Monday to Friday
  • 7:30 am to 10:00 pm Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

We can book trips up to seven days in advance. If you are booking seven days ahead of time, the booking period starts at 9:00 am. For 6 days in advance, or less, regular booking times apply.

A maximum of four one-way trips or two two-way trips may be booked per day.

Our service is provided on a first-come, first served basis. Demand for Access Transit is more than the service we have available. For this reason, we may not have the trip you’ve requested at the times you’ve specified. If your pick-up and drop-off times are flexible, we may be able to accommodate your request at another time of day, or can place your request on the waiting list

Please have the following information ready before calling:

  • Date and time you wish to book the pick-up. If you have an appointment, please have that time available.
  • Exact address, building or business name for pick-up
  • Exact address, building or business name of drop-off
  • Date and time you wish to book your return trip
  • Type of mobility device you’ll be using
  • If you will have a companion or attendant riding with you

Fare Payment

Access Transit is a part of Saskatoon Transit, and uses the same fare types.

Access Transit customers can purchase a preloaded Go-Pass fare card for $48.00 from the operator. These are preloaded with 20 fares. We accept cash or cheques made payable to City of Saskatoon. Place note, effective February 1, 2016 the rate for the pre-loaded Go-Pass will increase to $50.00 for 20 fares. 


To use Access Transit you must be registered with us. Please contact us for more information about this process.

Customer care line

The Customer Care Line is available for questions, comments, compliments, or concerns. You can reach the Customer Care line by calling 306-975-3555, and selecting option 4. If a representative is not available, please leave a message. Your call will be returned as soon as possible, during regular business hours Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Twenty minute pick-up window

Access Transit operates on a 20-minute pick up window. We may be at your pick up location up to 10 minutes before or 10 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time. For example, if your trip pick-up time is scheduled for 10:30 a.m., we may be there to pick you up starting at 10:20 a.m. We may arrive to pick you up as late as 10:40 a.m. Given the door to door shared-ride service, more exact pick up times are not possible.

Maximum five minute waiting

The Access Transit operator will come to the door, and ring the doorbell or buzzer if available. Our operator will wait for wait for five minutes, but then must leave to maintain service for other customers.

One step policy

Access Transit services "accessible door to accessible door.” For the safety of both the customer and the driver, our drivers will not take mobility devices up or down more than one step. It is your responsibility to provide a ramp where there is more than one step.

All ramps must be safe, and well maintained. This includes ensuring:

  • Ramps are clear of debris, ice and snow
  • Have non-slip surfaces
  • Is at an angle that provides safe movement and usage

Securement and mobility device safety

Access Transit buses have built-in securement systems. For your safety and the safety of others, using the securement system while onboard is mandatory. Service will be denied if securement is refused.

If your mobility device is a manual wheelchair, the built in lap belt must be used. If you have a medical condition that prevents using this belt, we will need supporting documentation from a physician.

If you use one of the seats on the bus, you must use the lab belts and shoulder belts that are built into the bus. If you have a medical condition that prevents using this belt, we require documentation from a physician.

Cancellations & no shows

We understand unexpected circumstances happen, so if you need to cancel your booked trip, please call as soon as possible. This will allow us to accommodate another client who may have been on the waiting list.

If your trip is not cancelled, you will be considered a no-show. Please remember the driver can only wait a maximum of five minutes after arriving within your twenty-minute pick up window. After your five-minute waiting period is complete, your trip will be considered a no-show.

Please be considerate to other passengers and cancel your trip as early as possible.

Pick up locations

To avoid confusion, we pick up and drop off at specific doors at common locations. These are:

  • Centre at Circle & 8th West - Grandma Lee's between Best Buy & Sport Check
  • Circle Centre at Circle & 8th East - North Theatre door
  • Confederation Mall - South Mall Entrance at BMO doors
  • Mall at Lawson Heights – Mall doors by Safeway and Smitty’s.
  • Market Mall - Safeway doors (northwest corner of mall)
  • Midtown Plaza - Bus stop - Access Loading Zone
  • Transit Customer Service - Downtown terminal in front of Customer Service in Route 2/5/4/10 stop
  • Scotia Centre - Bus stop - 1st Ave. at Royal Bank
  • Medical Arts Building - Access Transit Bus Stop on Spadina Crescent
  • Sturdy Stone Centre - Access Transit Bus Stop on 22nd St & 3rd Ave facing north

Luggage, packages, and parcels

Your Access Transit operator is not responsible for carrying luggage or packages. We will only transport what the customer can reasonably carry in a safe manner.

Change of address, mobility or equipment

If you’re already a registered Access Transit customer and you’ve recently moved or changed the type of mobility device you use, please call us and let us know. We will update your account, ensuring your information and bookings are correct.