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Bus Shortage: High School Routes are affected

Time of cancellation: 
May 5, 2017 - 7:30am
Route Closure: 

7:54 High School Route 331 Cross Murray from Briargate/Braeside to Centre Mall to Schools

7:40 High School Route 332 Holy Cross from Kingsmere & Taylor Via Kingsmere/Boychuk, Nemeiben

8:14 High School Route 336 Cross Murray Bowman from Centre Mall 

8:12 HIgh School Route 339 Bethlehem & Douglas from Fairmont/Fairlight to schools

8:40 High School Route 349 Bethlehem & Douglas from Confed to schools 

8:35 High School Route 358  Bishop Murray from Downtown via 3rd/25th/Clarence. 

Messages for Customers: 
Customers are reminded to check the Saskatoon Transit schedules to confirm the approximate time of service before venturing outdoors, and to dress for the weather in case of delays.
Reason for Cancellation: 
Mechanical failures