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Time of cancellation: 
February 14, 2019 - 9:30am
Route Closure: 

The following overload buses will be canceled today due to a shortage of buses, all regular routes will be running today:

07:21      Route 55 UNIVERSITY McKercher & Heritage     

07:45       Route 6 UNIVERSITY Market Mall Terminal 

07:39       ROUTE 26 FOREST GROVE 108th & Egbert 

07:47       ROUTE 26 UNIVERSITY Kenderdine & Kerr 

08:00       Route 61 Blairmore Confederation Terminal

08:10       Route 61 Shaw Centre via Route 61 to Confederation Terminal 

08:15       ROUTE 18 TO UNIVERSITY 104th St & Central 

08:19      Route 19 CITY CENTRE Arlington & Taylor

08:23       Route 61 Blairmore Confederation Terminal via Route 61 to Shaw Centre 

08:38       Route 61 Shaw Centre 

08:45       Route 6 UNIVERSITY Market Mall Terminal 

09:21      Route 55 UNIVERSITY McKercher & Heritage 

Messages for Customers: 
Customer are reminded to check the Saskatoon Transit schedules or the “Transit” app to confirm the time of service before venturing outdoors, and to dress for the weather in case of delays.
The public is reminded to allow extra time to get to their destination, especially during the morning and afternoon commutes.
Reason for Cancellation: 
Mechanical failures