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About Us

Saskatoon Transit is a division within the City’s Transportation & Construction Department, and serves nearly a million rides each month. With 40 routes and over 1600 stops, Saskatoon Transit is able to serve all corners of the City providing eco-friendly and safe alternative transportation for residents.

Our Mission

To provide cost-effective, safe and affordable public transit services using clean and environmentally friendly equipment enabling residents to access work, education, health care, shopping, social and recreational opportunities.

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1 STOP CLOSED: Route 9 - January 27 & January 28
Saskatoon Transit @stoontransit
Baby it's COLD outside!! 🌡️🌡️✋✋If you're in need, hold up your hand (palm out) in the direction of an approaching b…
Saskatoon Transit @stoontransit
4 STOPS CLOSED: Routes 2 & 10 - January 26 & January 27
Saskatoon Transit @stoontransit