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High School

Are you new to using Transit or looking for some additional information to make your journey easier? To provide our student riders and their guardians more information, we have compiled the links below to help make using Transit easier. 

For etiquette tips to help make everyone’s trip as enjoyable as possible, visit Transit 101.

Plan ahead with a variety of self-serve tools available, getting the information you need takes no time at all. View the Transit self-serve tools video

We have an app for that

Saskatoon Transit has real-time transit tracking through third party apps like transit and Google Maps Transit. Real-time transit tracking shows you the location of your bus in real-time, shows how many minutes until the next bus arrives, which limits wait times at bus stops and provides you with service alerts when your route might be affected. For more information, visit: Mobile Apps.

Looking to purchase a bus pass? 

Mobile ticketing allows riders to buy tickets and passes anytime from anywhere, using their mobile device. Just download the TGo app and get your student discount from your school. It’s fast, easy, and available any time you’re on the go. 

Student passes and fares?

Full time Saskatoon high-school students are able to purchase a variety of bus pass options. High school transit passes are sold in the school office as well as various locations throughout the city. To access the student pass on the TGo app you must purchase from your school the first time to receive the discount. For more information on pricing, visit: Student fares and passes.

Looking to bring your bike on the bus?

Taking your bike on Saskatoon Transit is easy. For some quick tips on the bus bike rack, check out this tutorial.

What are Saskatoon Transit's COVID-19 pre-cautions?

Getting you to and from the places you need to be, is our top priority. For more information, visit: COVID-19: Staying safe on public transit

Learn more about how the Transit team disinfects the bus for a safer experience.