Booking a Trip

Trips can be booked in two ways, by filling out the form below, or by calling our office at 306-975-3555. Trips can be booked up to three days in advance. Four one-way trips per day are allowed to be booked or attempted to be booked. Our service is provided on a first come first served basis and we do not prioritize based on the type of trip being taken.

Demand for Access is more than the service we have available, so we may not always be able to accommodate your trip. We ask if your trip time is not fixed due to an appointment for example, to be as flexible in your time as possible and book outside of peak hours as much as you can.

We book trips on a 20 minute booking window which means we can arrive up to 20 minutes after your scheduled pick up time. Once the driver arrives, they will only wait for five minutes before moving on to the next trip.

Trips are sometimes not needed once they are booked. We ask that trips are cancelled as soon as possible once the customer no longer needs the service. We prefer that trips are cancelled 24 hours in advance whenever possible. Cancelling trips late, at the door, or simply not showing up for the trip means that someone else has been denied that ride.

If your circumstances change, such as your address or your mobility, please let us know so we have the most up to date and accurate information available.

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Contact Information
This is the number that appears on the registration documentation you received. This should be used whenever you contact Access Transit.