Ways to Pay

All fares are effective February 1, 2016

Please have exact cash fare ready to deposit into the fare box. It will automatically count your change and display the fare you’ve paid. Operators do not carry change. Pennies and paper money (bills) are not accepted on Saskatoon Transit.
Please ask the bus operator for a transfer slip if you need to make a connection along your trip. Transfer slips may also be used for return trips within 90 minutes of original boarding. Once your initial fare is registered in the fare box, the operator upon request, can print out a transfer with a bar code on it. This transfer slip can be used as proof of payment on any bus within 90 minutes. Just scan your transfer bar code on the fare box reader when you board your next bus.
Adult  $3.00
Senior $3.00
Post-Secondary $3.00
High School—Grades 9 to 12
(must show valid Saskatoon High School ID)
Child - Elementary School—Kindergarten (age 5) to Grade 8 $2.25
Children under age 5 (With a fare-paying passenger) Free
Go-Pass Smart Card
Your Go-Pass card is reusable! Each month bring your Go-Pass to any of our Transit Pass Vendors and purchase another month of service, or load more tickets onto the card. The Go-Pass is smart and flexible—the versatile card for whatever fare works best for you!
There is a $5.00 fee for any new Go-Pass cards or replacement cards.
Pre-Paid Ride Packages:
You can load many different ten-ride packages onto your Saskatoon Transit Go-Pass Card. Load your Go-Pass Card with pre-paid fares at the Transit Customer Service Centre or any Transit Pass Vendor. One fare will be deducted each time you board the bus. A display on the fare box will tell you your card balance each time you board the bus. To transfer, swipe the same card within 90 minutes on another bus and the system will recognize this as a transfer.
Adult 10 for $25.00
Senior 10 for $25.00
Post-Secondary 10 for $25.00
High School—Grades 9 to 12
(must show valid Saskatoon High School ID)
10 for $21.00
Child - Elementary School—Kindergarten (age 5) to Grade 8 10 for $16.00
Monthly Pass:
Please re-use your Go-Pass card. Each month you simply take your re-usable Go-Pass to your closest Transit Pass Vendor and purchase another month of service. The Go-Pass is automatically reloaded.
What happens if I lose my Go-Pass?
One of the benefits of the new Go-Pass Smart Card is that it can be personalized. If lost or stolen, the card can be deactivated and the value left on that card can be transferred to a new Go-Pass card.  An additional $5 activation fee will apply to all new and replacement re-loadable Go Passes.
Personalization of your regular Go-Pass is voluntary and must be done at the Saskatoon Transit Customer Service Centre in the downtown transit terminal. Any replacements transferred to a new card must be done at the Customer Service Centre.