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Popular Destinations

Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport

Route 11 City Centre/ Airport serves the Saskatoon Airport.

From downtown transit hub: Route 11 operates every 30 minutes during the day Monday to Friday and Saturday 11:00a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Evenings, Saturday mornings, Sunday's & Statutory Holidays: Route 11 operates hourly.

SaskTel Centre 

Saskatoon Transit provides service from the Special Event Stop (23rd Street & 2nd Avenue) downtown to all public events at SaskTel Centre

Please see the bus departure times below for future events at SaskTel Centre or plan your trip using the real-time mobile app called Transit:

Type of Event If event starts at Buses will depart at
Blades or Rattlers game 7:00 p.m. 5:45, 6:25, 7:05
Rush game  7:30 p.m. 5:45, 6:05, 6:25, 6:45, 7:05, 7:25

Departure times to events may vary and the number and frequency of buses depends on the event.  

February-March Events Bus Schedules

Date Event starts at Event Buses 
February 28 7:00 p.m. Blades vs. Raiders 5:45, 6:25, 7:05
February 29 7:30 p.m. Rush vs. Rock 5:45, 6:05, 6:25, 6:45, 7:05, 7:25
March 4 7:00 p.m. Blades vs. Hitmen 5:45, 6:25, 7:05
March 6 7:00 p.m. Blades vs. Pats 5:45, 6:25, 7:05
March 7 7:00 p.m. Rush vs. Warriors 5:45, 6:05, 6:25, 6:45, 7:05

Normal Weekday Peak Hours: Route 25 travels to the SaskTel Centre area. This route stops on Apex Street at Bill Hunter Road, next to the SaskTel Centre parking lot. You can take Route 14 from the Downtown Terminal and transfer to Route 25 in the North Industrial area. 

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

City Hospital

At the Downtown Terminal, board Route 11 Airport or 12 River Heights they both serve Saskatoon City Hospital. 

Parkridge Centre

At Confederation Terminal, transfer to the Route 5 McCormack.

Royal University Hospital (RUH) & Jim Pattison Children's Hospital

There are a number of routes that will take you right by the RUH and the Children's Hospital, stopping on College Drive at Munroe Avenue including Routes 4/43, 6, 17 and 60. From there, it's a short walk along Hospital Drive to the main and emergency entrance. To determine these routes, please use Google Transit or the Transit App on mobile.

St. Paul's Hospital

From City Centre Transit Hub: You can take the Route 2 Meadowgreen or the Route 10 Pleasant Hill. Both routes stop directly in front of St. Paul’s Hospital, at stop #3106. We provide 15 minute service alternating Routes 10 & 2 on weekdays/Saturday afternoon; and 30 minute service during evenings/weekends.

To City Centre Transit Hub: Route 2/10 Meadowgreen stop across the street from the hospital at stop #3107.

You can take Route 60/65 from the stop located two blocks north of St Paul’s Hospital (rear entrance) on 22nd Street at Avenue P.

Sherbrooke Centre

Route 18 College Park provides service to Sherbrooke Centre. 

Prairieland Exhibition

Route 1 serves Prairieland Exhibition every half hour from downtown during the day. 

University of Saskatchewan

There is a Transit terminal in front of Place Riel and many routes travel to the University of Saskatchewan. To determine which route works best for you, please use our Google Transit to plan your trip. 

Spray Pads

(available daily 10am – 8pm until September 3 and are always free to enjoy)

Location                                                                                                      Transit

Parkridge Spray Pad – 1235 McCormack Road                                     Route 5 McCormack / City Centre

Dundonald Spray Pad – 162 Wedge Road                                              Routes 7 Dundonald / City Centre, 22 City Centre / Confederation

Hampton Village Spray Pad – 135 Hampton Circle                              Route 63 Hampton Village / University

Pleasant Hill Spray Pad – 208 Avenue U South                                    Routes 2/10 Meadowgreen / City Centre

Mayfair Spray Pad – 1603 Avenue D North                                           Routes 11 Airport / City Centre

River Landing Spray Pad – 110 Spadina Cres E                                    Routes 1 Exhibition / City Centre,  6 Broadway / Market Mall

Exhibition Spray Pad – 124 Isabella Street                                           Routes 1 Exhibition / City Centre, 19 Centre Mall / City Centre

Kinsmen Park Spray Pad – 980 Spadina Cres E                                     6 Broadway / Market Mall, 44 Willowgrove

Holliston Park Spray Pad – 1821 3rd Street                                           Route 81 Centre Mall / University via Taylor Street

River Heights Spray Pad – 60 Ravine Drive                                           Route 12 River Heights / City Centre

Silverwood Heights Spray pad – 290 Russell Road                             Route 35 Silverwood Heights / City Centre