Safe Bus

Developed in partnership with Child & Youth Friendly Saskatoon in June, 2000, Safe Bus was designed to assist anyone, of any age, that needs immediate shelter or needs to contact emergency services. By simply and safely flagging down a bus or going to a parked bus, transit operators are required to immediately contact emergency services directly through the on-bus radio system and give the person in peril a safe place to wait.

You do not need to pay to use the Safe Bus.

Flagging down a bus safely is as easy as standing at a stop or on a sidewalk and waving your hand in the air. The driver will recognize you as a person in need and stop for you. We remind all parents to tell their child to never step onto the roadway to flag down a bus.

The Safe Bus Program is part of the City of Saskatoon’s ongoing commitment to improving the safety of citizens, and enhancing the quality of life in Saskatoon