Saskatoon Transit’s assets are valued at $124.3 million, including $114.9 million in fixed-route fleet and $5.5 million in Access paratransit fleet. The fixed route fleet consists mostly of 40-foot buses, although it has 30-foot and 60-foot buses as well. Learn more in the Saskatoon Transit 2023 Corporate Asset Management Plan (PDF).

Saskatoon Transit fixed-route fleet renewal strategy and funding plan

​City Council approved Saskatoon Transit’s $115.4 million revised 2023-2031 fleet renewal strategy for fixed-route buses to accelerate the purchase of new buses to better position the City for meeting service levels and current demands. The strategy was revised to account for the 30 percent cost increase for a new bus since the November 2022 funding strategy was approved and the lead time can be up to 18 months for delivery. The strategy to replace and upgrade Saskatoon Transit's fleet will be partially funded by the Government of Canada through the Public Infrastructure Stream ($24 million) and the City of Saskatoon budget allocation of $36 million. Another $6.5 million was allocated from the Government of Canada One Time Public Transit Fund intended to offset the operating shortfalls from the COVID-19 pandemic.



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Reducing emissions with battery-operated buses

Two battery electric buses (BEBs) were ordered in 2023 for delivery in 2024. The procurement process used data from a pilot project in 2020 where Saskatoon Transit leased its first BEB for one year, funded in part by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium continues to work on a study for Saskatoon Transit’s Zero Emissions Fleet Strategy for 2024 to inform and guide the transition to a future zero emissions fleet.