Transit 101

Riding with Saskatoon Transit means you’re sharing space with other passengers and our operators. Here are some etiquette tips to help make everyone’s trip as enjoyable as possible.

  • Courtesy seating - All of our buses are equipped with designated seats for passengers who may need a little extra help. If you are in one of these seats, offering it to someone who may need it more than you do is a simple and easy way to improve everyone’s experience on the bus.
  • Personal audio devices - Listening to music can be a great way to pass the time while riding on the bus although, if other people can hear it, it’s too loud. Please respect that some like to enjoy a quiet ride and keep your music to a reasonable volume.
  • Food and drink  - If you are going to eat or drink while riding with Saskatoon Transit, please be tidy and take your garbage with you to properly dispose of in a garbage or recycling bin.
  • Cell phones - Talking on your cell phone is acceptable behaviour while riding the bus, but keep your conversation quiet so not to share it with the rest of the bus. For your own privacy and for the courtesy of other passengers please keep your voice quiet.
  • Keep aisles clear - Travelling with bags, laptops, strollers or other items is acceptable on Saskatoon Transit.  Please remember to keep these items tucked away as much as possible to keep aisles clear so people can move through the bus safely and easily. It’s also a kind gesture to remove your items from an available seat to allow room for another passenger to sit and remove your backpack in full buses to increase standing room.
  • Doorways are for entering and exiting the bus - When the bus is full, it can be tempting to stand or lean near an exit.  To ensure that people can safely get on or off the bus we ask that you keep the exits clear.
  • Sharing space - After a long day, it's nice to be able to sit down and relax on the bus. Please keep free seats clear of items and available for someone to use.

More Rider Information

  • Bus Stop Announcements - Bus stops are announced clearly and audibly for passengers. If you need assistance in identifying your stop, please sit close to the front to remind the operator of your request.  
  • Clothing - For safety reasons, shirts and footwear must be worn to board the bus or the driver will refuse service. If you are coming from the beach or pool, please make sure your clothes are dry when boarding.
  • Customer Feedback - Contact our Customer Service Office office via telephone or complete the Customer Feedback form online. To help staff identify the trip, we need the time, route, direction and bus number you are reporting. Leave your full name, address, phone number or email address so we can respond to you. Transit staff will investigate and contact you if more information is needed. Customer Service is not responsible for the bus stop area, or road surfaces so please contact City Hall if you have concerns. 
  • Delays and Detours - Saskatoon Transit issues service alerts that update 3rd party apps, our Twitter feed and can be found under Service Alerts on the City of Saskatoon and Transit's webiste.
  • Lost & Found - Left something on the bus? Customer Service holds items in Lost & Found for 90 days. Found something on the bus? Please give it to the transit driver who will take it to the Customer Service Office.