Open Data From Saskatoon Transit

Developer Resources

The City of Saskatoon has resources available for developers to create applications for desktop, web or mobile devices. 

Saskatoon Transit Real Time Data Feed

The Saskatoon Transit Real Time Data Feed enables developers to create applications for the desktop, web or mobile devices that include transit data. The information is available at no charge and can be implemented in both for-profit and non-profit applications. We only ask that developers adhere to the guidelines presented in the City of Saskatoon Open Data Terms of Use.

GTFS realtime is a feed specification that allows public transportation agencies to provide realtime updates about their fleet to application developers.

What data is accessible?

There are three types of data available in the live feed:

  • Trip updates: a description of whether buses are on-time, late, or early,
  • Service Alerts: changes or disruptions such as detours or moved stops, and
  • Vehicle Positions: GPS locations of buses.

Access Trip Updates Here 

Access Alerts Here 

Access Vehicle Position Information Here 

What is the General Transit Feed Specification?

The General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) is an open format developed by Google and now used as an international standard to incorporate transit information into applications that include geographic data. Because this is an open and freely available format, anyone can use the data to create their own applications. 

GTFS Data Downloads

The GTFS data provides information on Saskatoon Transit stops, routes, and trip information. The same data that supports Saskatoon Transit travel planning. Just open the catalogue with the link below and filter for the "Transit" category.

Saskatoon Open Data Catalogue Beta

Interested in Receiving Updates?

If you are a developer and would like to receive updates on any service or policy changes, as well as scheduled maintenance outages or issues, then please let us know.

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