Family of Services

Fixed-route and on-demand transit buses are all fully accessible. They have low floors and the ability to “kneel” and deploy a ramp if needed, making the fixed-route fleet a viable option for those with mobility issues. With fixed-route buses being fully accessible and offering the flexibility and spontaneity of travel, they are a great part of Saskatoon Transit's Family of Services for all residents of Saskatoon.

Access Transit customers find using both services allows them more flexibility and spontaneity in their travel. The cost to ride Access is the same as on fixed-route buses and the method of payment is also the same.  

In both Access and fixed-route buses, there is equipment to ensure wheelchairs or scooters are secure during the trip. On Access, walkers can also be secured, but on a fixed-route bus, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure it is secured when the vehicle is in motion.

On both fixed-route and Access Transit, it is expected you take only what you can carry. Drivers, while willing to provide assistance, are not expected or able to help carry large packages or groceries beyond what you can manage on your own.

Please forward any comments, questions or concerns regarding your Transit experience, whether on a fixed-route bus or an Access bus, to or call 306-975-3100. We appreciate the feedback and use it to improve the services we provide.

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