Experience Transit

The Experience Transit program teaches people with little to no experience using public transit how to travel safely, independently, and with spontaneity using the fixed bus route and on-demand transit system in Saskatoon. Experience Transit is a free program designed to teach anyone how to plan trips, pay fares, board, and exit the bus, along with any additional skills needed specific to your abilities for using the public transit system in Saskatoon.

New to Transit? 

View the Experience Transit Handbook for everything you need to know about Saskatoon Transit and how to use public transit with confidence. Traveler’s tip, bring your handbook with you on your first few trips in case you need to refer back.

The benefits of Experience Transit:

  • Enhanced freedom, independence, and confidence to go wherever you want when you want
  • Access to employment, entertainment, and volunteer opportunities
  • Greater community involvement and connectivity
  • Reduced transportation costs

Three versions of the program:

  • ET: Travel training sessions for individuals who are hesitant to use public transit. Travel training is done in small group sessions from a qualified travel trainer, either in person or virtually.
  • ET2: Transit collaborates with teachers and organizations in a 'train the trainer' model. The 'train the trainer' model provides transit travel training resources to organizations to use to educate people within their community how to use transit successfully.
  • ET+: Access Transit connects those with mobility or cognitive challenges but do not fully qualify as an Access Transit customer with a travel trainer. One-on-one training is provided on how to navigate the fixed bus route and on-demand system.

Travel trainers will put your safety first and ensure training is tailored to your needs. Following your travel training you will be contacted for a follow-up survey and answer any questions you may have.

*If you are an Access Transit customer and learn how to use the fixed bus route system, you can still use Access Transit when applicable.


Are your students going into high school next year, or do you feel they could benefit from some travel training? We can send a designated travel trainer to visit your classroom to deliver the Experience Transit presentation. This will help students learn how to plan trips, purchase and pay fares, board, and exit the bus, along with other skills needed to use the public transit system in Saskatoon with ease. Each student will receive an Experience Transit Handbook, to help in planning trips and extra information about Saskatoon Transit. Presentations take approximately 45 minutes.

Teachers, you will also be introduced to the ClassPass program and shown how to make a class trip request online to receive free transportation for your class outings.


If you would like to request an Experience Transit session or learn about upcoming presentations, please contact:

Transit Customer Service:
Tel: 306-975-3100 or
Email: Transit.Services@saskatoon.ca.