Eco Pass

If your employer is one of our many partners in the program, you can participate in the Eco Pass Program, which provides a monthly discount of at least 40% off the cost of a regular adult monthly pass.

Employee benefits
  • Access to a Discounted Pass - Save at least 40% off the regular adult monthly pass fare.
  • Reduce Travelling Expenses - Under this program, you can drive your vehicle less, which means using less gas, reducing vehicle wear and tear, and not needing to worry about parking.
  • Convenient Payment Option - Your employer handles the required payments via payroll deduction.
  • Easy Application Process - To get your employer involved, refer them to this webpage, or have them phone Saskatoon Transit.
Employer benefits
  • Become a Saskatoon Environmental Champion in our community - Adopting the Eco Pass program provides local businesses with a visible environmental initiative. Show your business is an environmental leader, committed to the community.
  • Employee Retention - Add the Eco Pass to your benefits package, helping to attract and keep good employees.
  • Reduced Parking Concerns - Mitigate parking concerns, potentially making better use of existing parking sites. This may offer long term administrative savings.

Download Eco Pass Brochure to share with employer or staff


Employers participating in the ECO Pass program
Employer Website
Axon Software
Best Western/Quality Inn
Canadian Light Source
Cosmopolitan Industries
Federated Cooperatives Limited
LutherCare Communities
MLT Aikins
Novatex Graphics
Nutrien Wonderhub (suspended)
Delta Hotels by Marriott - Downtown
Robertson Stromberg LLP
Saskatoon Cancer Centre
Saskatoon Co-operative Association Limited
Saskatoon Health Region
Sheraton Cavalier (suspended)
Travelodge Hotel
University of Saskatchewan
How can my business get started?

​The employer signs on to the program providing at least three employees who will participate for a minimum of twelve consecutive months. As a required minimum, the employer matches the Saskatoon Transit discount of 20% off the regular adult monthly pass fare – providing a 40% monthly discount for the employee.

Employers contract with participating employees and administer the payroll deductions.

Passes are conveniently ordered through Saskatoon Transit administration then invoiced and shipped directly to the employer.

Eco Pass Application

Note: The person to be responsible for employee applications, pass order and distribution etc. and will be the point of contact for Saskatoon Transit

The current price of a monthly adult bus pass is $83.00.  Through the Eco Pass Program qualified businesses provide a minimum of a 40% discount to their employees (20% from Saskatoon Transit and 20% from your employer).  The discount brings the price of a monthly adult bus pass to $66.40 to the employer and  $49.80 to the employee.

Employer Contribution
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