Lost & Found

Leave something behind on a recent trip? Contact Us!

Send an email to transit.services@Saskatoon.ca or call 306.975.3100 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to report your lost item.

The immediate location of lost items may not be available to Customer Service, so we suggest calling the following day to see if the item has been found and turned in. All items left on Saskatoon Transit are brought to the Customer Service Centre by the next working day.  

To help us find your lost item please have the following information with you when you call:  

  • Name  
  • Phone number (day/evening) 
  • Date and approximate time the item was lost/left 
  • Four-digit bus number or the buses’ scheduled departure time 
  • Route number 
  • Description of the item (colour, size, type of material, model or serial number, or any other unique identifying marks) 
Picking up items

Once you have confirmed your item has been found you can pick up it up from the Customer Service Centre (226 23rd Street). Proof of ownership will be required to obtain lost items.  Items are only released to the owner and cannot be claimed by a third party. You must be able to describe your lost items in detail. For proof of ownership, a charger may be required for electronic devices. 

Found a lost item? 

If you find a lost item on transit, please return to the bus operator or drop off at the Customer Service Centre (226 23rd Street). 


Items are held for 90 days and perishable items are not kept. All unclaimed items are donated to local charities after 90 days. 

Saskatoon Transit is not responsible for any items lost or left in our vehicles or on our property.