Why did the bus not stop for me?

Hopefully this is a rare occurance - we know it's frustrating being passed by especially when it's cold or wet outside. Here are some of the most common reasons why a bus may not have stopped:

  • The bus is full
    A packed bus means it's not safe to pick up any more passagers. The operator may display a "Full Bus" message until some passagers get off.
  • The bus operator couldn't see you
    Make sure you are in a visible and in a safe location so the operator can see you. Stand up, move or wave as the bus approaches. Depending on the time of day or weather conditions, it may be hard to be seen so use your phone's flashlight if you need to.
  • The bus is running really late
    Delays can occur for many reasons: traffic, an on-board incident, passengers who need a little extra time to board. If a bus is too delayed, it could interfer with other routes and may need to skip stops to catch up on its schedule. *This happens infrequently. A delayed bus may display an "Out of Service" message. If the bus skips your stop it is likely that another, less crowded, bus is right behind it! 
  • The bus is not in service
    A bus displaying "Not in Service" or "Garage" may be heading back to the bus compound to refuel or retire for the day. The scheduled bus will still be on it's way. Check the mobile app called Transit for real time updates on bus locations.
  • It was a mistake
    Mistakes do happen. It may be because the operator is new to the route or they just didn't see you. If you believe this to be the case, please let us know by contacting Customer Services at 306-975-3100 or emailing transit.services@saskatoon.ca.
  • It's unsafe for the bus to stop
    If your stop is on a slope, snowy or icy conditions may make it unsafe for a bus to stop without sliding. In these conditions, wait at a stop at the top or bottom of the slope. For help finding another stop along your route check the mobile app called Transit or contact Customer Services at 306-975-3100 or transit.services@saskatoon.ca.

Saskatoon Transit is here to get you where you need to go with safe and reliable service. If one of our buses doesn't stop for you, we sincerely apologize. Our Customer Services team is available to help by phone at 306-975-3100, email at transit.services@saskatoon.ca or visit them at 226 23rd Street.