2024 Student Art Contest Winners

Saskatoon Transit recently unveiled two unique pieces of student art that celebrate youthful energy and moving around. The year marked the 5th Student Art Contest, which offers students in grades 3 and 7 an opportunity to showcase their artistic talents and learn more about public and active transportation as part of their curriculum.

Two exceptional winners were selected for their creative submissions, highlighting Saskatoon's diverse, sustainable, and healthy forms of transportation to reflect the "Active Transportation" theme.

  • Grade 3 Winner:
    • Ada, Vera, Skylar, Samar and Juliette
      • École Alvin Buckwold School  
  • Grade 7 Winner:
    • Raowha
      • Lakeridge School

Each winning artwork will be prominently displayed on five Saskatoon Transit buses, 10 in total, travelling throughout the city this summer.

Grade 3 Winner Grade 7 Winner