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Route Changes Effective January 6, 2019

The maps under Routes & Schedules have been updated. Here is a summary of the updates for January 6th: 

  • Route 11  
    • Will be interlined with the Route 30 on weekends and M-F in the afternoon 
    • The 10:46am on Saturday willl be eliminated
    • Will travel outbound via 45th Street to Airport and inbound via Robin and Hanselman.
  • Routes 43, 44 & 45  
    • During M-F they will have extended peak service 
      • They will run a hour later in the morning and start an hour earlier in the afternoon 
    • Time points along the route may have changed 
    • Times from downtown and Place Riel will not change

Be sure to check the schedules or the app before you travel on January 6th.