Bike & Bus

There are bike racks on the front of all buses. All you have to do is cycle to the nearest stop, load your bike on to a bike rack on the front of a bus, and continue your trip. Hop on the bus and get to your destination with your bike in tow.

It takes only a few moments to load or unload your bike, watch how quick and easy it is. Directions are also printed right on the rack.

Racks on the front of the buses can hold two bicycles on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bike Rack Information

  • The rack contacts bike tires only – no contact to the frame means no damage to bicycles
  • The rack doesn’t require any straps or cords to retain bike – this translates to quick loading and unloading keeping it simple 
  • The rack accommodates tire sizes from 20” to 29”/700c and up to a 44” wheel base – fits the majority of commonly used bikes
  • Lifting weight to operate the rack is less than 30lbs

Did you know...?

  • All Saskatoon Transit buses are equipped with bike racks.
  • Bike racks are available all year long.
  • There is no extra charge to bring your bike.