From point A to point B: Transit launches NEW OnDemand Transit service

For immediate release: July 28, 2022 - 10:30 am

Residents of Saskatoon will soon be able to request public transit service using the Saskatoon Transit OnDemand app from designated stops to the nearest transit hub and vice-versa. The OnDemand Transit (ODT) service will connect the new neighbourhoods of Brighton/Rosewood, North Kensington and Blairmore with fixed route service, to fill service gaps in those areas.

“This is all about service,” says Tracey Davis, Interim Director, Saskatoon Transit.

“We want to provide people with as much flexibility as possible - especially in developing neighbourhoods where full public transit options don’t yet exist. Our OnDemand Transit service is just the thing to meet this challenge head on.”

The new ODT service will begin August 2 and will be fully integrated with the current fixed-route transit system. OnDemand will also be available in Transit, Saskatoon Transit’s all-in-one app to plan, track and pay for rides. Thanks to this integration, riders can, for the first-time plan trips that combine Saskatoon's OnDemand and fixed-route services. Passengers can plan a trip in Transit to their destination using a combination of OnDemand and fixed-route service, then link directly to the Saskatoon OnDemand app to request their ride. Trips can be requested in multiple ways: the Saskatoon Transit OnDemand mobile app, website, or phone (306-975-3100).

To make this all work in a coordinated effort is new AI technology paired with an app that allows trips to be booked in real time, or up to two weeks before riding. Spots can also be reserved for wheelchairs and bikes.

“The software is brilliant,” says Davis. “We’re able to connect buses directly to our customers when they need it, and to route the bus efficiently from rider pickup to drop-off.”

The new service to launch August 2, 2022, will connect Brighton/Rosewood, North Kensington and Blairmore to transit hubs Monday to Friday, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.