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Planning Tools

Saskatoon Transit has real time transit tracking through the third party developers, Transit App and Google Transit. This initiative provides GPS information for bus locations on individual routes throughout Saskatoon. Real time transit tracking will allow customers to see the location of their bus in real time and see how many minutes until the next bus arrives, which will limit wait times at bus stops.  

With Transit App and Google Transit you can create customized route maps without having to sort through schedules. Saskatoon Transit updates the necessary data as required, ensuring our customers have accurate information available.

Transit App and Google Transit will also: 

  • Provide walking directions to the nearest stop.
  • Allow you to find your destination based on landmarks or place names rather than an address.
  • Google allows you to use “street view” to see what your departure or arrival destination actually looks like.
  • Allows you to select a departure or arrival destination based on nearest intersection rather than address.
  • Provides estimated fare costs and compares it to another mode of transportation, such as driving.

Real time transit tracking through Transit App and Google Transit will result in better trip planning, less wait times and fewer missed connections. 

Download Transit App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today!

Visit for more information on Transit App, including their privacy policy. By downloading Transit App or Google Maps you are agreeing to the terms of use and conditions of those individual applications.