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Routes & Schedules

The following adjustments will be made effective May 29, 2022:

Key changes have been identified to provide improved reliability and connectivity.  

  • 3 transit routes will be affected by route changes.  

Transit Route Changes to Improve Connections  

Route 1 - Exhibition   

Route 1 will incorporate a part of Route 20, which includes Brand Road, Melville Street and South Industrial. With this extension of service, regular frequency and service throughout the day will become available to the Auto Mall Village and South Industrial including the new SARCAN at 2900 Jasper Avenue S.  

Route 20 – S. Industrial   

The South Industrial portion of the Route 20 will be replaced with the Route 1 extension.  

Route 13 - Avalon / Lawson Heights   

From July through to August, Route 13 is expected to be impacted at 12th Street and University Drive due to summer construction. A planned detour will move Route 13 to 8th Street and Clarence Avenue. Route 13 will continue to service Broadway Avenue south of 8th Street, with additional frequency along Clarence Avenue, which will support customers travelling to and from the University area.  

Full system route map 

We encourage you to use the real-time mobile app, Transit to plan your trip. Service Alerts are issued in the app about specific route(s) to let you know if a bus stop is closed or if there is a detour. Make sure to pin the routes you take most often to receive push notifications.

Route Service Type Schedule
1 Exhibition / City Centre Full Service PDF
1 Exhibition / City Centre (Effective May 29, 2022) Full Service PDF
2/10 Meadowgreen / City Centre Full Service PDF
3 Hudson Bay Park / City Centre Full Service PDF
4/43 City Centre / Evergreen Mon - Fri PDF
4/44 City Centre / Willowgrove Full Service PDF
4/45 City Centre / Arbor Creek Full Service PDF
4/46 115th Street Mon - Fri PDF
5 Confederation Terminal / City Centre Full Service PDF
6 Broadway / Market Mall Full Service PDF
7 Dundonald / City Centre Full Service PDF
8/81 Centre Mall / University Full Service PDF
8/82 Centre Mall / University Full Service PDF
8/83 City Centre / Stonebridge Mon - Fri PDF
8/84 Centre Mall / Briarwood Full Service PDF
8/86 Centre Mall / Rosewood Full Service PDF
9 Riversdale / City Centre Full Service PDF
11 Airport / City Centre Full Service PDF
12 River Heights / City Centre Full Service PDF
13 Lawson Heights / Broadway Mon – Fri PDF
13 Lawson Heights / Avalon (Effective May 29, 2022) Mon - Fri PDF
14 North Industrial Full Service PDF
15 Civic Operations Centre Limited Service PDF
17 Stonebridge / University Full Service PDF
18 College Park / University Full Service PDF
19 Centre Mall / City Centre Full Service PDF
20 South Industrial / City Centre Peak Only PDF
22 City Centre / Confederation Peak Only PDF
25 SaskTel Centre Peak Only PDF
26 Forest Grove / University Full Service PDF
27 Silverspring / University Full Service PDF
30 Lawson Heights / City Centre Full Service PDF
35 Silverwood Heights / City Centre Full Service PDF
50 Lakeview /University Full Service PDF
55 Lakeridge / University Full Service PDF
60 Confederation / City Centre Full Service PDF
61 Blairmore / Confederation Full Service PDF
62 Montgomery / Confederation Peak Only PDF
63 Hampton Village / Confederation Full Service PDF
64 McCormack /City Centre Mon - Fri PDF
65 Kensington / City Centre Full Service PDF