Navigating full buses: Tips for students during back-to-school

For immediate release: September 15, 2023 - 5:03 pm

With the school year in full swing, Saskatoon Transit is experiencing typical increased demand, resulting in some buses reaching full capacity across the city, including Evergreen, Stonebridge, and Rosewood.

Full buses are inconvenient and stressful for students and parents alike. To address this increased demand, Saskatoon Transit is running larger capacity articulating buses on the routes with high schools and post-secondary institutions and deploying three additional buses as needed. Transit will continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks.

When a bus is full, the transit operator logs the information location, route, time, and date. The head sign will read “Full Bus” and the operator will drive past bus stops - even when riders are waiting - until there is space for more people.

All available resources are being used with schedules being adjusted to accommodate, where possible. To help alleviate the situation and ensure a smoother experience for everyone involved, we offer some guidance:

  • Departure time flexibility. Schedules can be tight, but if students have some flexibility in their daily routines, consider taking an earlier or later bus when the bus may be less crowded. The bus that drops students off just prior to the start of class tends to be busier than the earlier or next bus. 
  • Use tracking and watch for service alerts. Saskatoon Transit has real-time transit tracking through third-party apps like Transit, or Google Maps on desktop. Real-time transit tracking shows you where your bus is and when the next bus arrives, which limits wait times at bus stops. Pin your preferred routes for service alert push notifications. 
  • Be prepared to board. Having your fare ready and/or app open can help speed up the process and avoid any boarding delays.
  • Find your spot. Quickly find an open seat or standing area in the event all seats are occupied
  • Keep on moving. As riders exit the bus, passengers left standing are to continue moving back towards the rear of the bus to fill empty spaces or seats. This helps the operator understand bus capacity.
  • Remove backpacks. Make space for people. If the bus is busy, do not take up available seating with bags or belongings. Keep items in your lap and feet on the floor.