City crews and winter road maintenance equipment responding to freezing rain

For immediate release: February 4, 2024 - 9:48 am

Environment and Climate Change Canada has issued a freezing rain warning for Saskatoon.  A combination of snow and rain and/or freezing drizzle is expected throughout Sunday. City crews are actively responding to the situation. Icy conditions can develop due to the combination of moisture and cold roads and sidewalks.   

City crews will be continuously monitoring conditions and applying salt as required to address potential icy conditions, focusing on high speed and high traffic streets, bridges, and intersections along priority streets.  Salt is an effective tool to address icy conditions during mild winter temperatures. Crews are ready to initiate plowing and snow grading if the snow accumulates. 

Drivers should adjust their driving for the road conditions, leave extra room in case you need to stop suddenly and watch for blue and yellow flashing lights on road equipment.

Learn about winter road maintenance at  Stay in the snow with the Snow & Ice Report at