Local students create art to be displayed on Saskatoon Transit buses

For immediate release: June 25, 2024 - 11:15 am

Saskatoon Transit today unveiled two unique pieces of student artwork for its 5th annual Student Art Contest. These pieces celebrate the vibrance of youth using active transportation and will be displayed on transit buses around Saskatoon. This contest is aimed at students in grades 3 and 7, as public and active transportation is part of the learning plan for those grades.  

"We are thrilled to partner with elementary schools on this project and extend a big thank you to all students who participated in this year's contest," says Cory Shrigley, Customer Support and Engagement Manager of Saskatoon Transit. "This artwork captures the spirit of active transportation and its role in our community. Students this summer should take great pride in seeing art created by their peers displayed on the side of Saskatoon Transit bus."  

The winning pieces were based on their reflection of the "Active Transportation" theme. They highlighted the importance of integrated transportation modes such as public transit, cycling, walking, e-scooters, car sharing, taxis, carpooling, and ride-sharing. 

  • Grade 3 Winner: 
    • Ada, Vera, Skylar, Samar and Juliette  
    • École Alvin Buckwold School  
  • Grade 7 Winner: 
    • Raowha 
    • Lakeridge School  

“Our school division promotes active transportation and encourages mindful choices that support student well-being and our community,” says Jennifer Haywood, Superintendent of Education at Saskatoon Public Schools. “This contest aligns with our curriculum and Move to Grow campaign, advocating for active ways to commute to school. 

“Congratulations to both schools for their creative artwork that brings these ideas to life in a beautiful visual, hopefully inspiring others to adopt healthier and more sustainable transportation habits.” 

Each winning artwork will be prominently displayed on five Saskatoon Transit buses, totalling ten buses, throughout the city.